Curibamba Coffee

Jan 05, 2016 | written by:

It is a hot, dark coloured, tasty drink known and appreciated all over the world (especially by those who, like me, needs in the morning an extra boost to start the day) and it is also made in Enel. If you have not figured it out I'm talking about coffee and, in particular, about an innovative and sustainable project realized by one of the biggest energy corporations that have chosen to flank energy efficiency to the coffee production.

Indeed in Peru, in 2013, an initiative called 'Curibamba Coffee' promoted by Edegel, an Enel Group's company, to help the social and economic development of the communities located near the hydroelectric plant in Junín Region, was created. Local people, situated in one of the most qualified place for the coffee plant cultivation, could not produce good crops for lack of adequate machineries, suitable infrastructures and technical skills.

Thanks to the 'Curibamba Coffee' project the situation has changed: the initiative, which involves 180 families, allowed the cultivation of 25 hectares of new land, the planting of 175 thousand of new plants, the market penetration of an arabica coffee and the development of new production techniques and continuous monitoring of crops.

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