Cycling without Age

Oct 04, 2016 | written by:

If you think that a few too many years and some ailment due to age are good reasons to stop riding a bike, you're wrong.

'Cycling without age' is an initiative born in Denmark, more precisely in Copenhagenwhich enables older peopleeven those forced to a wheelchair, to ride and relive the thrill of traveling on two wheels, loaded onto a comfortable and safe towing and towed by athletic volunteers of all ages. This fascinating project was born in 2012 thanks to a businessman enthusiast for cycling named Ole Kassow, a story that deserves to be told.

“It all started from my meeting with Thorkild Thim, a 97 year-old man. Every morning while I was cycling towards my office, I passed a nursing home and I saw this old man sitting on a bench, his walker, standing next to him. It was clear that he liked being outdoors - tells Kassow - Probably the man had spent most of his life riding a bike and maybe he liked it as much as me. So I started thinking about what was to fail him cycling and what I could do for him”.

That's how 'Cycling without Age' initiative was born. “One Saturday morning I rented a rickshaw and I went to the nursing home, asking one of the nurses if any of the guests wanted to take a ride. I knew thay would have taken me for a madman, and they kicked me out. Instead one of the operators has been absent for a moment, then came back with Gertrud, a very old lady, telling me that they would gladly agreed to come with me - continues Kassow - The day after the first ride I got a call from the director of the nursing home because the others wanted to go for a ride. So I started renting the rickshaw regularly and my life changed: I made friends with a lot of different people, which otherwise would never have come into contact, and I learned a lot about the city and about human relationships”.

The idea, which has already been around the world, each year involving a number of Danish nursing homes and many volunteers and is being developed in other cities in different countries, including the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Spain. 'Cycling without Age' is based on an act of generosity that allows older people to experience the city and nature by telling compelling stories of the past with the wind in the hair.

'Cycling without Age' is the principle of how life does not end at a given age, but continues through generations.

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