Cypher CO2ling Plant

Jan 21, 2016 | written by:

Power plants are often, and rightly, implicated as deformer environment both for pollution and both because they are not really beautiful to look at.

Aware of this, the designers Kawan Golmohamadi, Shilan Golmohamadi and Soad Moarefi carried out a project called Cypher CO2ling Plant, to make power plants as green as possible, both in terms of energy efficiency and through the presence of vegetation. When the project will be ended, power plants could be used as offices, homes and parks.

This conceptual design proposes a future where habitable spaces are embedded into the walls of cooling tower (exactly the same that can be found in a power plant) structures and use their waste heat to regulate temperatures during winter months. Additionally, relocating the power generating functions underground and eliminating noise and visual pollution by turning the sides of the towers into landscaped hills. The positive consequences of the project will be the reduction (in some cases, the complete elimination) of the various inefficiencies of transferring electricity across long distances and a reduction in car use, due to the proximity that will be created between working spaces and home.

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