Danish Furniture Made Out of Seaweed and Paper

Jan 29, 2015 | written by:

You’ve perhaps seen seaweed on your plate, wrapping your delicious food at a sushi bar, but have you ever thought about other things seaweed can be used for? Well, designers Jonas Edvard and Nikolaj Steenfat have taken the use of this sea tangle past food and spa treatment, and transformed it into a unique collection of furniture.

The furniture designers, who mastered in the field at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, harvested the fucus seaweed off the Danish coast by hand, which is a kind of seaweed that contains alginate. Once dried, ground up into a powder and mixed into a glue, the mix becomes a durable material with cork-like texture. The material is then formed into chairs and dome-shaped lamps. People are often surprised by the durability and the strength of the material. The level of salt is so high in the seaweed that it preserves the material once it is set and also makes it flame retardant.

The collection, according to Edvard and Steenfat, was inspired by the Danish landscape, because there is a lot of coastline visible throughout Denmark. That is why the furniture is left with the original coloring, to emphasize the seaweed material. However, there is an extra perk to this collection: the furniture is entirely recyclable and leaves no waste!

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