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Did you know that there is a tree for every zodiac sign? 

Plant the tree of your sign and receive your Tree Horoscope every month for a year - and for a sneak peek at what the stars have in store for you in 2021, scroll down!

♈ Aries

It's all about the right mindset, dear Aries! Jupiter and Saturn tour your activating and social sectors throughout the year. For you, this means an opportunity to live out your so-strong sense of justice and connect with like-minded people who share your values. The second keyword for 2021 is healing. You can hope for spiritual completion and finally close old wounds. That you have often been pessimistic in the past is not the end of the world. If you want to know what is right, you must have doubted before.

Our green tip: Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. This helps the environment and also tastes better!

♉ Taurus

Dear Taurus, you cannot live up to your values if you do not name them. A look at the stars reveals that in 2021 you will be asked to clarify your beliefs. If you can do this, personal and financial security await - two of your favourite things! Saturn lights up the professional sector. Exciting and sometimes unconventional opportunities could arise from this. Please don't forget to live, too! Especially in summer you will experience a high that is to be enjoyed. Less perfectionism, more trust - in the universe and in yourself.

Our green tip: Switch off all electronic devices at night - this saves energy and you sleep more peacefully.


No pressure, dear Gemini! But many stars are aligned to pave the way for you to become the best you possible in 2021. Use your curiosity, intelligence and social skills. Jupiter is transiting the realm of education all year: This literally calls you to learn something new. Whether it's getting that degree you've been waiting for or even learning a whole new skill, you'll know best. Extraordinary opportunities to realise your dreams are the reward for diligence and hard work. On to a new self!

Our green tip: Wash your clothes at 30, not 60. That's enough! Unless they are really dirty.


How can you give yourself closure, dear Cancerians? Saturn invites you to free yourself from relationships or roles that simply don't work anymore. Especially in the zone of intimacy, sexuality and truth, things will happen. Take off your crab shell and show your vulnerable side - your fellow human beings will thank you for it, despite your fears. Spring and summer 2021 is all about expansion: you are broadening your horizons, both geographically and mentally. If you prioritise this growth, many important insights await you. All you have to do is actively seek them. It will be a pleasure for you to re-engage with the world out there. Good luck in your search! 

Our green tip: Use the bicycle instead of the car. It helps the environment and your health!

♌ Leo

Together you achieve more, dear lions! Connections is the keyword. Be it at work, in friendships or even in romance! You feel inspired to reset your previous focus. Friendship is the basis for love! Especially in your closest circle you deepen the relationship, which can give you an incredible amount of support and security. You are undoubtedly a courageous sign, this is commonly known. In 2021 your inner fire will finally be rekindled and you will live and love authentically with a beautiful open heart and without holding back. Welcome back!

Our green tip: Buy used! Buy used products whenever possible. Visit local second-hand shops or flea markets.

♍️ Virgo

Rise and shine, dear Virgos! A long Jupiter transit motivates you to rethink the career sector. You've been harbouring a professional dream for a while - perhaps in 2021 it's finally time to share it with people who can help make it a reality. If you are honest with yourself, what is there to lose? This year has shown how quickly everything can change. Take the initiative (if possible) before it takes you. On a personal level, you feel the need to choose the people around you based on whether they repeat the drama of the past or give you a healthier future. Very good! Your spiritual well-being is a priority. The mind is like the stomach: you can only put it through things it can digest.

Our green tip: Turn the heating down a degree. It's the little things!

♎ Libra

Bon voyage, dear Libra! No, seriously, the stars will open your borders. Even if it will be more mental than physical. Spend 2021 exploring, discovering, learning - and sharing newfound wisdom with others. If it is possible, of course! On this journey you will not only find new insights, but also a greater sense of self-worth. Because what had long been forgotten: you determine your own destiny. Isn't that a great feeling? Jupiter strengthens your communication. You recognise the difference between compassionate, straightforward conversations and empty platitudes. If anyone can tell if the truth is being told or not, it's you, dear Libra! So live this principle yourself. That makes for relaxation. Because: If you always tell the truth, you can afford to have a bad memory. 

Our green tip: Turn off the water when you brush your teeth or wash your hands. Every drop counts!


Raise your voice, Scorpios! If you do not express your thoughts and feelings, those around you will not be able to help you. Don't be afraid to hurt your loved ones! Honesty is appreciated - and Saturn in the zone of family and home gives the stability you need in your relationships. You have a tender heart, but give it away far too rarely. This is understandable, for there have been many circumstances in the past year that have hurt you. But now it is time to heal! Your mission for 2021 is the path to an authentic life. For this, you need to take risks now and then, and have trust. Remember, trust gives more fuel to the conversation than the mind. Help others and you will be helped. It is a balancing act between the need for privacy and courageous self-disclosure. But if anyone can manage to reconcile the extremes... it's you, dear Scorpios!

Our green tip: separate your rubbish!  You'll help the environment and keep your home tidy. 

♐ Sagittarius

Happiness is only true when it is shared, dear Sagittarians! So, grab your partner or friends and create beautiful memories together. If it's possible, during this special time. Your 2021 is all about these new experiences. You can live out your love of freedom by surrounding yourself with people who share it. Don't think too much about the future! Try to live in the moment at least once in this new year. Rest a little. You will have to make some significant decisions in the second half of the year. This requires a clear mind! The important thing is: make the decision that is best for you. It doesn't matter what others define as "the right thing"! Your intuition will be a good compass for you, as it always is, dear Sagittarians. The mind can tell us what to refrain from doing. The heart can tell us what to do.

Our green tip: take a cold shower sometimes! This saves energy and stimulates the heart and circulation.

♑ Capricorn

Only a few finishing touches are missing, dear Capricorns. We say goodbye 2020, but most of it is not bad. You are on a good path. Keep going in small steps, this will lead to long-term and sustainable success. Saturn provides self-confidence - and you manage to showcase your values and convictions in this new year. Financially, you will be able to recover and reorganise. Especially at the beginning of the new year you will hone your social skills. Body language, tone of voice and non-verbal communication. Your fellow human beings will gain access to you and understand you better. That makes life easier! Sometimes it's just the little things. You radiate joie de vivre. And you get it back. Because happiness is a perfume that you can't spray on others without getting a few drops yourself.

Our green tip: Does it always have to be new? There are many great places for second-hand clothing, also online. 


A year of destiny, dear Aquarians! You finally feel "seen". A feeling you have long sought in vain. Jupiter and Saturn enter your sign! This is good news: You feel faith, hope and optimism. This makes you like a lighthouse for others in these not so easy times. New acquaintances will not be long in coming. For your positivity is a real attraction to others. A friendly warning: We know that most mistakes are made in success. So keep working on the qualities you need for happiness in 2021. Resilience and adaptability are two of them. You are doing yourself the biggest favour. An optimist is no less often wrong than a pessimist, but he lives much happier.

Our green tip: From books to children's toys. Many things can be borrowed instead of always buying new.


Can "home" be a feeling, dear Pisces? Jupiter and Saturn move in areas in 2021 that clearly bring the theme of home to the forefront for you. You will feel the need to get closer to people and places that reflect this for you. What your definition of home looks like is, of course, entirely up to you. What is holding you back on this journey? The answer to this question will help you to bring order and structure into your life. A clear line that you can always follow when things get difficult. 2020 has not always been easy, so you are looking for a place of retreat. Listen to your gut feeling! Design your comfort zone the way you need it right now. Peace begins in your own home. And isn't it nice to come home?

Our green tip: Instead of using the spin cycle or the dryer, simply hang up your clothes - especially in summer. 

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