Dropping Bricks In The Toilets, For a Good Cause

Oct 17, 2014 | written by:


You read the title right, citizens all over California are dropping bricks in their toilets in order to fight one of the biggest droughts to hit the state in 500 years. And they are urging others to do the same. It has been estimated that if every Californian dropped a brick in their toilets, it would be saving approximately 67 million gallons of water every day.

Okay, it’s time we clear this up: we’re not talking about their bowel movements. This project, the Drop-A-Brick campaign, takes the classic idea of putting a brick in your toilet tank to take up the space, allowing less water to go through. Although a classic idea, a regular brick would dissolve in the tanks over time and cause bigger problems to fix.

The Drop-A-Bricks are made out of non-toxic rubber and are much more durable. They cost 15 dollars and are shipped laying completely flat. They are filled inside with hydro-gel which allows the brick to expand and become heavier once wet.


The founders of this project remind us that Americans use more water flushing than they do showering or other household activities. If we can each cut down the usage of water by a fraction, the numbers will really add up.

The project also includes a PR campaign to encourage the public to do their part. Hopefully this will bring others to make a difference and do their part while they literally, erm...drop bricks.


Here is the video explaining the campaign and how you can help:



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