Earth Day: promote your company with a green project!

Apr 04, 2016 | written by:

Let's stand out at this year's Earth Day by planting trees with Treedom 

Every April 22nd of every year, one billion people from 193 different countries around the world meets up together to celebrate the Earth and to promote its preservation. The Earth Day involves actively about 22,000 organizations, including companies, various organizations and NGO who want to draw attention to the importance of planet protection.

If you're reading this post probably you work in marketing and communication (if not, just continue reading, you may find useful information and interesting articles in any case) and you perfectly know how, in this historical period, real time marketing is not an option anymore, but rather a rule to follow: being up to date and associating an universal message to the own corporate image is a very profitable strategy able to bring the greatest results.

Also your company, no matter if small or very structured, can actively participate in Earth Day by planning communication and marketing initiatives to promote the corporate identity on the one hand and involve your target audience on the other.

Said in this way, it seems to be a bit vague and you probably might get lost in the darkness of thousand theoretical possibilities you may have, and very few concrete ideas to realize in practice. But Treedom can help you and your company, as you may already know, in taking the green communication path and promoting the corporate CSR.

Planting our trees (quickly and easily, directly on our website) or setting up a reforestation project as a sign of gratitude to the planet that is hosting us, can become the engine of a larger and more strategically efficient communication and branding initiative: we can work together to launch a project associated to the Earth Day or to manage a longer-term marketing activity or to integrate some specific activities designed for this event within a previous established and consolidated strategy.

If you are interested in Treedom and what we can do for you take a look at our company case studies and send us an email to or call us in our office in Florence (Italy) at the +39.055.0503228.

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