Eco-Food Revolution

Nov 13, 2015 | written by:

We can say it using the ancient Latin language, recalling buzzwords studied at school as Faber est suae quisque fortunae and building up our personal ethics, or we can put a post-it on the fridge reminding things to do every day. Certainly, the latter is more creative.

Our list could start with a nice underlined inscription that says: "Remember that also you can start an Eco-Food revolution". This is actually something that we could do from tomorrow morning: we get up deciding that we want to make small and simple actions to heal our body and then also the planet, as they have a high environmental impact. So tomorrow, when we have to decide what to put on our tables, we'll do our best to reconnect with farmers, trying to choose and buy sustainable and fresh food, calculating how many “food miles” our carrot, apple or eggplant took before we buy them.

In order to ensure these two conditions, we should choose local farmers who sell their products directly, without additional steps, as well as eating lots of fruits and vegetables, as our mothers always say, reducing meat and dairy consumption and eliminating processed food. At this point, the next step would be to start growing some tomatoes on our balcony and when we see the first fruits (in all senses) move to the "expert" level and start pushing the initiative, as a way of life, also to neighbors and to the local community, promoting small farmers and suggesting environmentally sustainable choices in schools.

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