Elegy for The Arctic by Ludovico Einaudi

Jun 28, 2016 | written by:

Eternal glaciers impossible to scratch, rigid temperatures prohibitive for life. An image of strength, mitigated only by the purity of the sparkling white that merges with the horizon, a symbol of unspoilt nature. In one word: Arctic. But it’s also fragile: marked by climate change that causes an uncontrolled dissolution and by an exploitation carried out by man. Strength and fragility of this place at the edge of each border, blend together exchanging sides and becoming protagonists of an unpublished music, showing an Arctic full of life.

The help request to spread the awareness campaign in defense of the Arctic starts from Greenpeace and gets to Ludovico Einaudi. The world-renowned musician and composer has been led to the Svalbard Islands (Norway) by the Arctic Sunrise ship's environmental organization. For the occasion, the unpublished Elegy for the Arctic conceived by Einaudi comes to life in an extraordinary context. The performance of the official video has been performed in those glaciers’ home, on a platform floating in the Arctic Ocean, in front of the Wahlenbergreen glacier.

In order to pay tribute to the hosts, Elegy for the Arctic doesn’t start with the Einaudi’s piano music, but with the clear sound of a part of the glacier falling into the sea. The pianist turns watching it, drew from that so unusual sound and at the same time by the spectacle of nature. Fingers start to caress the piano keys and the elegy brings life. During the piece, two songs overlap: one coming from Einaudi’ skilled hands and another coming from other melted parts of ice falling into the sea. The opening scene is repeated at the end, with a gaze toward the heritage that is no longer the one belonging to the famous musician, but to the common man.

This video supports the plea signed by nearly eight million people asking to the international community to sign as soon as possible an agreement that will protect the Arctic from exploitation and climate change in progress. The action carried out by Greenpeace is part of a specific program aimed at protecting the current sea less protected in the world. Meanwhile, the OSPAR, the international commission designated to the preservation of the North East Atlantic, is discussing the establishment of a protected area of ​​over 226 thousand square kilometers in the international waters of the Arctic Ocean. Meanwhile Greenpeace aims to request the creation of an Arctic Sanctuary where industrial and mining activities are prohibited. However, under the pressure coming from the governments of Norway, Denmark and Iceland, who are trying to hinder the approval process, the agreement may skip.

You can watch the full video of Elegy for The Arctic here below.

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