Elijah Green, ethical fashion by Andrew Ondrejcak

Mar 08, 2016 | written by:

Fashion and ethics meet in the collections of Andrew Ondrejcak, American writer, director and designer who has joined forces with ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative (the project of the United Nations which obtains, for artisans in developing countries, works in the high fashion industry - we already wrote about ITC here and here) to design his new and fascinating line of costumes, Elijha Green, that will be previewed on 10 March at 'The Kitchen' in New York.

Andrew Ondrejcak has traveled around the world visiting countries like Haiti, Burkina Faso, Mali and Kenya, where he came into contact with local artisans, social fabric, traditions, artworks and objects that inspired his creations. The costumes combine elements and traits coming from two continents, the African and the American one: the Maasai beaded necklaces indeed come directly from Kenya, dyed mud tissues are from Mali, the metal jewelry hand-forged, hats and accessories paper mache are famous in Haiti and finally plaited craft fabrics are from Burkina Faso. Different cultures and traditions are merging in a perfect union giving life to original clothes in which nature feel its presence and its voice: colorful flowers, leaves and especially the green are the protagonists!




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