Elliphant for Treedom

Apr 29, 2016 | written by:

She’s a Swedish singer and rapper and her name is Ellinor Miranda Salome Olovsdotter, but everyone knows her as Elliphant, her stage name.

She’s currently on tour in the States for the promotion of her latest work, Living Life Golden. Much time has passed and many different things have happened since 2011, when she met by chance at a party in Paris the person who became her first real producer. Nowadays, Ellinor is enjoying a well-deserved success also overseas.

Always attentive to environmental issues, sustainability and to the proper respect towards our planet, few days ago Elliphant planted with Treedom the first tree of what she hopes to become a great forest. In Kenya, more than 10,000 km far away from here, is now growing an avocado plant with her name. Symbol of creativity, Ellinor’s tree wants to be a signal that the singer sends to all her followers: in fact, from her social channels (here you can find the post that she has posted on Facebook and here the one on Instagram dedicated to the event), she invited fans to make the planet a little bit more greener, literally, as we like to say, planting a tree one by one.

For sure, a special and huge thank you from Treedom goes to Ellinor, but also to all of her management (in particular to Ten Music Group and Love Elliphant) composed of people careful, helpful and eager to do good things for our Planet that host us every day always kindly and with love.

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