Elora Hardy: houses and bamboo

Sep 10, 2015 | written by:

Elora Hardy was born in Indonesia, but studied in the United States: she used to work in the fashion industry, but now she is well known because she builds houses, also of six floors, using bamboo. Bamboo is a wild plant which needs only rainwater and sunlight to grow even on hostile soil. But bamboo is pretty tall, incredibly strong having both the tensile strength of steel and the compressive strength of cement. Moreover it is hollow, so extremely lightweight. It can be transported with no effort and it is easily available. "It is strong, elegant. Even seismic” - Elora Hardy says - “If you would put four tons of material on one side of it, it will resist for sure.”



Five years ago Elora founded Ibuku, which is the merge of two important words: mother (ibu) and my(ku), in reference to the Mother Earth and to the bond we have with her”. The team is composed of designers, architects and artisans, whose mission is realizing environmental friendly buildings without giving up to any confort. “We have already built more than 50 residential units: each project is always made in 3D first, then we realize the future building mock up. Finally we choose the material and build the houses up. We call this ‘art’.”

Unfortunately, the plant is subject to deterioration: "Untreated bamboo turns into dust: this is the biggest challenge to deal with.” Indeed, the Ibuku team uses borax, a natural salt which is extremely efficient to transform bamboo into a working building material.

Most of the professionals working at Ibuku are teachers at the Green School in Bali whose philosophy is based on the environment preservation and respect. “We teach children to build something with a material that won’t wear out under their eyes but which can be used in the future.”

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