Energaid: how to store food without using energy

Nov 04, 2015 | written by:

What if we took inspiration from the caves to have energy consumption close to zero? No sooner said than done!

Inspired by the origins of food preservation, Franco Venturini realized a system that recreates a specific climate in the storage rooms used for cheese, wine and cured meats. The project is called Energaid or Energy-Gain Active-Insulation Device and allows maintaining a constant temperature exactly as happens inside caves, using an active thermal insulation technology. Buzzwords for not insiders are so many and it quickly becomes difficult to understand the exact mechanism that underlies the project. In simple terms, the walls of the store are filled with a thermal fluid that has the task of constant air-conditioning with renewable energy. The final objective is to remove the traditional air-conditioning systems currently in use, too expensive from the economic point of view and not good for the environment.

At the moment, Energaid activities take place between Lombardia and Veneto and no competitors seem to be around. The only opponent Venturini has to beat is the still strong resistance to innovation.

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