Environmental disaster in the Amazon: Marañon River flooded by oil

Feb 24, 2016 | written by:

More and more often we hear about environmental disasters: man, with his activities, over-exploits nature and this last, exhausted, it makes its voice heard.

A few days ago the Marañon River, one of the rivers that flow into the Amazon, has been contaminated by a large oil spill. The long pipeline of the state oil company Petroperu was hit by a landslide that, breaking a pipe, has poured the contents into the river. It was immediate the mobilization of the company's qualified staff that, with machinery and equipment has tried in every way to limit the damage, but the heavy rains linked to climate phenomenon El Niño, took away the barriers.

Fish, vegetation and rivers of a vast area of the Amazon are entirely covered with large black spots and the ecosystem is compromised. An unprecedented environmental disaster: the black gold has reached the tributaries of the Marañon and, because of the land's morphology, it is penetrating deeply into the soil. Perhaps we should call into question, once and for all, the extraction of oil and other fossil fuels, planning a carbon free future to avoid this type of incidents.

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