'Farming Kindergarten' environmentally sustainable

Sep 30, 2015 | written by:

In Vietnam, beside a shoe factory in the zone of Dong Nai, a 'Farming Kindergarten' was born: it is a kind of child school-garden where new generations not only have fun but learn the importance of environmental sustainability and agriculture. This area of south-east Asia, as you maybe already know, it's been for a long time an agricultural country but today, because of rapid urbanization, children have been deprived of green land, playing fields and, more importantly, they lost the relationship with nature.



This kindergarten, designed by architect Vo Trong Nghia, is made to host 500 children of nearby factory's low-income employees. The vegetable garden that covers the entire roof of the school has two important functions: it teaches the children how to grow their own food and it acts as insulation for the building. The structure, that seems to be a car track, has three internal safe green areas, it uses solar energy to heat water and takes advantage of recycled water waste from adjacent plant to irrigate the garden and the grassed areas. Despite the tropical climate there aren't air conditioning machines:the windows, surrounding the outer walls, maintain air flow for the whole facility and bring in natural sun.


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