Find Your Park

Jul 21, 2016 | written by:

It’s difficult to find the better half and sometimes the right person never seems to arrive. So why not expand your search to a few million acres and fall in love with a park? Although this would seem to be a difficult search too, but it becomes easy if you have on your smartphone the Tinder of nature: the app Find Your Park.

It’s not immagination, but the multimedia marketing campaign launched by the National Park Service (the US federal agency responsible for the management of national parks, monuments and many other protected areas) to celebrate, this August 25th, its first 100 years. To commemorate this milestone they moved well in advance, the campaign started one year ago, but the main objective was never to blow out the hundred candles on the cake, but to arrive to the celebration of the 200 years attracting interest in that band of the population who doesn’t take into consideration parks as a possible tourist destination.


According to latest data, the Millennials, young people born in the 80s and 2000s, are visiting less and less places full of natural beauty in comparison to previous generations. To attract them, the National Park Service has spoken the language of this target, creating an eye-catching campaign and showing the best of American territory. Among the ambassadors of the project there is also the first lady Michelle Obama inviting to find your own favorite park among the 58 in the United States. Once you download the app you can navigate to find the one that corresponds at the best to your needs, but also dreams and, once chosen, start small conversations with him shouting out 'long live to nature!'. Instead on the site, visitors who have already found their preferred park are invited to share photos and videos to attract new tourists.

The strength and uniqueness of the campaign have already brought excellent results: in the first months reservations in all 58 parks have increased by 32%. Don’t you wish you a park as soul mate too? Meanwhile, watch the video of the campaign here.


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