Foodwa to preserve foods longer!

Nov 03, 2015 | written by:

Expo 2015 has recently closed down but, fortunately, it left behind many innovative ideas, proposals and projects on the subject of food and nutrition in the world.

One of these, it should be remembered, is entirely Italian and is called Foodwa. Born from the Venetian start up Solwa of Paolo Franceschetti, the project won the international award 'Innovative ideas and technologies on agribusiness'. Foodwa is an innovative and autonomous system related to the field of green technology that allows to dry fruits, vegetables and food in general (even fish and meat) using as a heat source only solar energy.

The machinery that can be realized and installed directly in the places of production (namely in agricultural fields) promotes, thanks to the drying process, a better and longer preservation looking to marketing and eliminates the stage of transport which implies a 56% loss in food globally.


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