Ford ranked first in Best Green Brands 2014

Dec 11, 2014 | written by:

Ford tops Interbrand’s 2014 Best Global Green Brands report list – knocking reigning champ Toyota, which held the top spot since the report was launched in 2011, down to #2. Ford beat Toyota reaching the record for environmentally responsible production, greater transparency and greater disclosure of information, specifically in the area of production. “We are honored to be named the best of the Best Global Green Brands,” said Robert Brown, vice president, sustainability, environmental safety engineering, Ford Motor Company. “At Ford we are working to develop the highest-quality products in the market for our customers while acting in an environmentally responsible way. This award tells us that we are heading in the right direction and that our stakeholders agree.”

The global CEO of Interbrand Jez Frampton says "In recent years, Ford has proven to be a leader in the world of sustainability, which proves fully integrated into business strategy and, as such, the company is able to identify and address their own impact on the environment and society through every aspect of its business.”

“An effective way to close the gap is for companies to invest in sustainability initiatives and programs that become inextricably a part of their brands’ DNA,” noted Will Sarni, director of Deloitte Consulting LLP and leader of the sustainability and enterprise water strategy practice in the US. “As companies work to improve their environmental sustainability performance, it is imperative that they communicate their efforts and engage with the public and other stakeholders through reporting and disclosure. Simultaneously working to improve environmental performance and perception in the marketplace is key to enhancing business and brand value.”

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