Frank Green SmartCup

Oct 29, 2015 | written by:

If you need a good coffee to start your day without having to spend hours in line at a coffee bar here it is the solution for you. The Frank Green SmartCup comes from Australia and it is a clever, colorful and eco-friendly cup that allows you to order, drink and pay quickly the coffee receiving in return loyalty rewards. The container, made of high quality recyclable materials, is resistant to stains and smells, has an airtight cover and keeps beverages warm.

The SmartCup, equipped with a RFID chip connected to the appropriate 'CafePay' smartphone app, allows you to make payments simply by bringing the cup next to a reader avoiding the long lines at the checkout.

Through the application, you can keep an eye on your costs, pay a coffee for friend and place your order in advance. The idea by Ben Young, produced by Frank Green startup, won the Good Design Australia award for technological innovation and sustainability: the reusable cup, indeed, avoids unnecessary waste and CO2 emissions from the manufacture and disposal of non-recyclable plastic.




Pay for your coffee with your SmartCup™ and be rewarded! from Frank Green on Vimeo.

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