Nov 13, 2015 | written by:

It's a refreshing, lightly carbonated, low alcohol drink to be consumed alone or mixed and, very importantly, it is made from apples' and oranges' peels arising from production scraps that previously were considered waste.

I'm talking about Fresh-App, an innovative ecological drink created by a team of teachers and students at the University Federico II of Naples and winner of the silver medal in the European competition of eco-innovation food EcoTrophelia Europe 2015. The idea at the base of this drink that immediately captured the attention of many food companies is to use apples' and oranges' peels preserving the natural flavors and colors.

All this is possible thanks to the use of a special machine which, through the alternation of cycles of pressure and depression, allows the extraction (in a few hours) of essential oils and beneficial substances from plants, while keeping the same quality. In addition to agreeable taste and ecological interest, the Fresh-App is healthy: citrus fruits have many properties, including the expectorant, while the apples' skins contain polyphenols, anthocyanins and antioxidants, useful to combat stress and free radicals.

For the packaging the team chose to use aluminum bottles, which are recyclable and easy to shrink.

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