Gisele Bündchen and her unconditional love for the Planet

Nov 25, 2016 | written by:

They love nature, they have a sustainable lifestyle and they are hard opponents of deforestation: now there are many 'eco friendly' VIPs who use their visibility to warn everyone against the effects of climate change.

We have already spoken on several occasions about Leonardo DiCaprio (for example here and here) and his love for the environment but Gisele Bündchen, a Brazilian supermodel also known as 'the angel' of  Victoria's Secret, is no less important because she is not just a pretty woman but also an environmental activist.

Gisele says to have always very strong feelings towards nature, so she decided to use her fame to raise awareness on the need to safeguard the environment and to encourage citizens to take new initiatives in this sense, particularly regarding burning issues such as global warming and ecological degradation: “I think it's important to take notice about climate change because it is important for our survival, it is important for everyone's lives. I wanna do something now, before it's too late and that's why I'm doing this documentary for National Geographic - explains Gisele - The one that I am exploring in my episode is the rainforest and the rainforest is something very personal to me because the largest part of this forest is in my country, Brazil. I think it's my responsibility as a human being to bring awareness to something that I feel vital to our existence because I think this place is the most precious natural resource we have. This forest is providing a stable life of all over the planet so I think it's everyone's problem”.

“In my job as a model I have always been protected because I have never really allow people to put out my voice and my job is very much visual, you know like a picture in a frame that people make assumptions based only on that image - she continues - But now I'm vulnerable because this fact is important for me so I have something to say. Natural resources are not infinite. There is only so much land and there is only so much water. The problem is that people think in short-term consequences rather than long-term ones. If nothing is done, soon, we will not continue to have the same quality of life we are used to”. 

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