Google Trekker for Treedom Trees

May 26, 2017 | written by:

When looking around from the top of one of the beautiful Tuscan hills - here where Treedom was born and raised – if we could observe and retrace our past, we would see, along the path, more than 331,000 trees planted between Africa, Latin America and Italy, 346 companies that have embraced our philosophy, the launch of campaigns to raise public awareness on environmental issues and many other successes along the way, until that departure initiated almost like a joke in 2010, when our CEO Federico Garcea wanted to impress a girl. So much satisfaction including one more important goal achieved today: bring our trees on Google Maps.

For the first time, it was possible to map a Treedom project that took place in Motta di Sant'Anastasia, near Catania, thanks to the Street View’s Trekker, a technological backpack with a 15 cameras system. This portentous rucksack, once worn, is able to automatically capture images of its path. In particular, for us it has portrayed over 4,300 trees planted, on lands confiscated from the mafia and made available for innovative recovery, by companies such as ERG, Estra, Etica Sgr, Henkel, Smemoranda, Loacker, Wolters Kluwer, who wish to contribute to the realization of a cleaner world. The result is 360-degree panoramic images that can be viewed here on Google Maps.

A project - and a milestone - that makes the whole Treedom team particularly proud, but it’s above all a confirmation of the company's commitment to offering a methodology more transparent and technological to all users. From today, you are ready to walk virtually between oranges, lemons and olives at 360 degrees wherever you are: a unique experience to live and feel immersed in nature.

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