Gran Mediterraneo, the white-green Tel Aviv's skyscraper

Apr 12, 2016 | written by:

David Tajchman, the French architect who designed a spiral skyscraper to paint with green color the 'White City' of Tel Aviv, really likes the architecture-nature combination. It's called 'Gran Mediterraneo' and it is a lush oasis that combines modernity and sustainability with plenty of nature.

The tower, wrapped in mirrored glass and white concrete, is full of vegetation of the Mediterranean Sea and Dead Sea and has an automated car park, an induction charging station for electric driverless vehicles, public gardens, farms, a hotel, residential apartments, bars, restaurants, spas and finally co-working spaces for offices and local start-up, alongside a number of areas used for educational and cultural events. The high mixed-use multistory building uses the latest technologies in the construction and it aims to renew the skyline of the Israeli city of Tel Aviv using state-of-the-art digital tools, without dramatically affecting the traditional architecture.

The wide use of white cement and the curved facade based on topological geometry are, indeed, characteristic elements. The advantages of this design are different: the curved lines channel the air flows by 'breathing' the building, while the alternation of concrete and glass windows maximizes the shadow in function of the passive cooling. 'Gran Mediterraneo' is the classic example of green building that respects nature and environment.

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