Green and smart houses by Michelle Kaufmann

Oct 05, 2015 | written by:

If you love sustainable lifestyle and you are looking for a place where to live, Michelle Kaufmann could give you an awesome suggestion. Michelle is a designer, an architect and a lawyer. She has been called by the Sierra Club ‘the Henry Ford of green homes’ and she was also named ‘Green Advocate of the Year’ by the National Association of Home Builders. Her passion is to built healthy buildings accessible to everyone. Since 2009 she is the co-founder of Flux Factory, a startup that develops software for collaborative design for the design industry and construction.

It all started when Michelle and her husband were looking for a house in the San Francisco Bay Area, and for months, they spent their Sunday afternoons wandering through million-dollar fixer-uppers. These houses weren't just too expensive; they lacked the modern aesthetic and built-in green features Kaufmann wanted. So the couple bought some land north of the city and constructed what she calls a 'sustainable box'. It was the first Glidehouse. Soon, friends started asking if she could do the same - exactly the same - for them. The result is her business. Since 2009, in her design studio Michelle Kaufmann Studio, Michelle designs and built single-family and multi-family green homes, using prefabricated modular technology.



The ingredients are a thoughtful design, water efficiency, renewable and recyclable materials, energy conservation. 'Thoughtful design' means designing to use less, collaborating with the outdoors, using techonology to improve quality while reducing quantity, and designing for longevity, flexibility and a joyful living environment. Michelle’s house creating all the energy that they use, because alternative energy systems such as solar and wind.

What about water? It is the Earth’s most precious resource, but yet in traditional homes more than one-quarter of drinking water is used to flush the toilets. Our homes feature an array of water-efficient technologies and appliances, such as low-flow shower heads, dual flush toilets, rain water catchment systems.

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