Green jobs are cool

Mar 02, 2016 | written by:

Crisis is everywhere and so bye bye work. But no! You might not know, but there is a leading sector in creating jobs, but jobs that are also environmentally friendly. I'm talking of recycling that each year saves about 40 million tons of material from landfills, giving them a new life and a new use.

These activities employ 150,000 US workers, for a total of $ 11 million of the total wages. But that's not all. To these must be added the additional 300,000 jobs related to the field work, such as the Green educators, manufacturers and producers of services. If we make them sit next to each other, do you know what would happen? That they would fill nine major stadiums such as the one of Yankee. The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries did not stop only at these data, but in a recent published study on 2015 Green jobs, it has also highlighted how they create a significant economic return for the State, as well as for the environment, while continuing to open doors to new markets.

The numbers speak for themselves: $106 million of economic activity, including 4.39 million additional dollars in state and local revenues.

So... is the green always winning?

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