Green Rail: train platforms are eco-friendly and produce energy

Apr 01, 2016 | written by:

Today 8 out of 10 railway sleepers are realized using concrete: they have a low resistance to lateral displacement which facilitates the misalignment of the platforms, produce vibrations and noises due to the high rigidity and they have high maintenance costs with possible aggravating, such as compensation due to owners of buildings damaged by the oscillations.

The solution to all these problems comes directly from Green Rail, an Italian startup that made its entry into the market with a claim that is difficult to be forgotten: “The future is now, don't miss the train”. Their railway sleeper is different from all others in circulation because it is eco-friendly, has an internal structure of concrete but it is covered with recycled plastics and rubber obtain from disused tires and, more importantly, it is able to produce electricity with the passage of trains.

A low cost technology that respects the environment and generates electricity. These totally green rails have a life expectancy of more than fifty years, almost double than those in concrete and, due to the material in which they are made, they are the only ones in the world able to incorporate electronic systems. The guys of Green Rail, indeed, have identified and patented the piezoelectric system that, inserted inside the sleeper and subjected to compression and vibration with the passage of trains, it is able to produce an electrical charge. The green technologies sector is constantly developing and there are many Italian organizations involved in the design of highly innovative solutions environmentally correct.

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