GreenLantern, the lamp-planter

Feb 19, 2016 | written by:

There is a lamp born to light, but also to host inside itself little forms of life, inviting us to always keep in mind the potentialities of being more than one. To create it, Romolo Stanco was inspired by the contemporary culture of the crossover, representing the need to combine different types of objects in an unusual way.

Thus it’s how the 'Green Lantern' was born, ready to light up on dark desks like an usual lamp, but also to act as a planter. How? With the same material with which it is realized: the liquid timber. We’re talking about lignin, a polymer made from organic waste of wood largely present in the plants cell walls. After being worked with the wood fibers in a process very similar to the creation of pulp wood for paper manufacture, the resulting material is easily malleable when heated and can be injected into molds to produce an effect similar to plastic.



The mold gives the lamp the shape of a horn with a flower vase at its base. The horn is flanked by a strip of LEDs with low power consumption able to produce a warm, bright light, suitable to support the photosynthesis process, creating a direct relationship between the lamp and the host plant. GreenLantern does not lead to an exclusive use of the object, but invites us to understand its nature as a multiple, complex and contradictory, just like that of a living organism. Organic and artificial, biological and technological co-exist in a formal and functional balance giving to an object an unexpected (new) life. The GreenLanterns have a slight aroma of toasted wood, which helps to create that cozy feeling that their light creates. The lamp turns on with a touch and if you implanted herbs, or berries inside the small vase of flowers, it becomes a feast for senses, from sight to touch and from smell to taste.

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