Guerrilla Grafting

Nov 16, 2015 | written by:

In San Francisco there is a group of activists who try to graft life in concrete. They are called Guerrilla Grafters and they do wonderful things for equally valid reasons. But, incredibly, their activity is considered illegal.

It started when a group of fans of nature decided to graft fruit bearing branches onto non-fruit ornamental trees of the town in the Bay Area. Why? To make fertile ornamental trees so that everyone can easily get a free access to fruit. Specifically, they thought homeless as primary recipients of their green operations, because rarely can afford regular meals. Guerilla activists prefer to choose trees located in areas far away from the traffic, in this way fruit is not particularly exposed to pollution.

Moreover, they consider their project as an important resource to create a shared space for the whole community. But why is it illegal? Because the city of San Francisco carefully selects the trees to plant that they do not produce any fruit and to avoid disturbances when the ripe fruit falls to the ground. Authorities consider it a real nuisance, whereas they see the Guerrilla Grafters as vandals disturbing public order. Despite accusations, the group continues to bring those small and useful grafts in the branches, because it’s almost impossible to be caught in the act or reported: which pedestrian would not think that it’s just a simple and legal operation happening after have obtained a permit?

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