Hemelswater, the Dutch beer made from rainwater

Jul 29, 2016 | written by:

Hemelswater, the water of Paradise. What better name for a 'fell from the sky' beer? That's right, literally, because the ingredients behind this green drink are rain water, barley malt and hops. A top-fermented beer, with an alcohol content of 5.7 degrees, with soft and fruity taste. The stroke of genius came from Joris Hoebe, a 37-year-old young Dutch entrepreneur with a passion for home made beer, a production that requires a high amount of water and, since the summer seasons in the Netherlands are characterized by numerous precipitation, why not taking advantage?

With four students and a researcher of the MediaLa Amsterdam startup, Hoebe have produced the beer made with the rain. In the courtyard of the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the University of Amsterdam two cisterns were installed and, only in the month of May, they have collected 1000 liters of rainwater. A bacterial filter system then purified water which was later delivered to a social brewery in Amsterdam, De Prael, which has transformed it into one of the most popular drinks in the world. Well, then, Hemelswater is available at a cost of two euro per bottle or four euro by the glass in different bars and restaurants in the Dutch capital. The project aims to save the rainwater as a resource against waste and floods and it has its roots in the distant past. In the Middle Ages, brewers monks used water dripping from the roofs of churches and cathedrals to prepare that which at the time was considered the drink of the common people.

But today, in the face of challenges posed by rapid climate change, taking advantage 'every last drop' of the rainfall that increasingly fall on Holland, minimizing waste and making maximun use the situation to meet their needs and to avoid, as far as possible, storms and floods, has become a priority. The next step now is to multiply the water collection points in the city, taking advantage of terraces and patios of restaurants and cafes and make with the rain not only the beer but also sorbets, soft drinks, and more.

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