Hive-Tech, the high-tech beehive to safeguard bees

Feb 07, 2017 | written by:

Revolutionizing beekeeping to find out new treatments and helping bees with technology. This is 3bee’s mission, the first entirely Made in Italy project which has the ambitious purpose to safeguard beehives protecting the environment. The idea comes from three Italian researchers: Niccolò Clandri, PhD student in Electronics at the Polytechnic of Milan, Riccardo Balzaretti, biologist and Elia Nipoti, food technologist. At the basis of their project there was just a fact: nowadays beekeeping is made with invasive chemical treatments and bees are no longer able to live without these systems.

But why bees? Why are they so important? Maybe you don’t know, but, yes, these small yellow and black bugs are our biodiversity sentinels, ready to help us in understanding if the environment around is more or less healthy. In addition, 80% of fruits and vegetable on our tables are depending by bees and without them we would be forced to disrupt our food supply. It’s our duty to find a remedy to the unprecedented die-off that has taken place in recent years due to the widespread use of pesticides and antibiotics that are ravaging the beehives’ micro-climate, bringing on our tables honey, royal jelly and propolis increasingly contaminated.

The three young Italians researchers have developed 3bee, a beehive hi-tech (dubbed Hive-Tech), capable of safeguarding bees and at the same time acting as an electronic monitoring to be applied to the hive revealing the state of health of its inhabitants. In this way, all the data collected can be promptly transmit to the beekeepers and these latter can intervene knowing already the problem in place.

The ​​Hive-Tech’s idea was so appreciated that has been rewarded by the Barilla Foundation as one of the ten best projects in the world in terms of sustainability. Now, Niccolò, Riccardo and Elia’s dream is to create a worldwide database, in which beekeepers can share their data and researchers can study them and create algorithms predicting diseases and bees’ deaths, analyzing parasites and developing the best strategies to protect them.

At the moment, however, many milestones have already been achieved: the 3bee technology is completely self-sustainable using only solar energy and bees’ vibrations. It’s self-sustainable also from the economic point of view: founders have launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. If you would like to help you too – and become a new bees’ champion - you just have to click here.

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