How biomimetic works

Oct 26, 2016 | written by:

One thing that nature certainly does not suffer is unemployment. Every living being has a specific role and is involved in an ecosystem. The situation is totally different for human beings: unemployment afflicts a good part of the population and according to Gallup (the global research and polling organization), also run low involved employees in companies. Mother nature should (again) make us think about a way to change the situation, but how? A good starting point is to use biomimetic.

The term biomimetic, welcomed in the dictionary in 1974, indicates the transfer of biological processes from the natural world to the artificial one: 'miming' the mechanisms that govern nature, man can indeed find solutions to many problems. Nature is no longer seen only as a reservoir of raw materials to be exploited, but as a result of wisdom source of an infinite number of tests and attempts. Examples abound: the first was Leonardo Da Vinci when he studied the wing structure of birds to create similar wings to allow man to fly. But also the self-cleaning paint inspired by the lotus leaves or the adhesive whose mechanism fastening replicates the way in which the gecko clings to surfaces with millions of tiny bristles.

This is the most known part, but what has not yet been adequately investigated is the ability of biomimetic to rid people’s potential. Any person participating in a seminar or in a training course on biomimetic knows the feeling: participants share facts more easily facts and inquisitiveness, proving even more welcoming to other colleagues. While they learn a deeper understanding of sustainability, they realize that sustainability can drive innovation, and vice versa. They feel enlightened and encouraged. They feel finally engaged.

According to the inventor, architect, philosopher and writer Richard Buckminster Fuller, the problems with we are dealing today on employees’ little commitment began when people started to move away from nature and in this way also by their own human nature. A paradigm that must be changed without creating a new lifestyle model, but trying to rediscover and recreate the previous one in which man was much closer to nature.

We already know the potential of biomimetic to create products and processes that can adapt and evolve over time. Now, the next step is to use its (no more) hidden power for creating job position that can adapt and evolve with us just as nature does in its habitat, in which employees can be involved in business processes and where they can practice biomimetics. So we will re-align ourselves and our work with nature too.

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