How it works with Treedom, carry out CSR... it’s a stroll in the park!

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A Company that plant trees can use them for different goals, such as: maintaining customer loyalty and capturing new ones, giving eco-friendly corporate gifts to its stakeholders, distinguishing it self from the competitors with the CO2neutral logo that can be placed, for example, on a product or on the website, organizing green and CO2neutral events, carrying out green marketing initiatives to improve its CSR.
Regardless of the service requested and the goal that the company wants to reach, every single tree in the company’s forest is geolocated, photographed and posted on the company’s profile using Google Maps. The profile thus becomes a showcase of the environmental and social commitment of the company, its initiatives, and every tree that has taken root in its forest.
CO2Neutral is a registered trademark and may be applied as a green label on products, websites and brochures.

Social benefit
Treedom operates in the developing countries of the world to combine its environmental mission with a social mission.

Because Treedom plants mostly fruit trees, the local communities involved in the projects directly benefit from the products the tree generates, a fair income and labor.
Since 2010 we have supported 7 reforestation project in Haiti, Argentina, Senegal, Kenya, Cameroon, Malawi and Italy.

For more information on Treedom:

Treedom S.r.l. in Italy

Via di mezzo 10/r - 50121 Florence, Italy

Phone - Fax +39 055 0503228


Treedom Inc. in the US

3110 Main Street, The Annex, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Phone +1.424.666.1755

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