How many vegetables are there in the U.S.?

Oct 01, 2015 | written by:

Junk food and fast food are the protagonists of the most Americans' eating habits and obesity in this continent is a serious problem.

Where is healthy food? According to the United States Department of Agriculture not only there aren't enough vegetables for everyone but the nutritional diversity is very poor. Dietary guidelines recommend the consumption of different types of vegetables but, in reality, potatoes and tomatoes are the most available. However it is important to note that about two-thirds of the tubers are made into chips, fries or frozen foods and about three quarters of harvested tomatoes are processed into ketchup, pasta sauce and soup. This means that Americans are potentially missing out on the important nutrients found in things like peppers, beans, squash, cabbage, spinach and more. The problem of poor variety can partly be attributed to buyer demand and in part due to the subsidies for the crops.

Certainly the vegetables' consumption is more diverse than 40 years ago and hopefully the greater awareness about the benefits of 'green' will bring further improvements.

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