Hug The Tree Movement

Nov 30, 2015 | written by:

If you thought that the last warrior was Xena, missing on our screens for so long, well, it’s wrong! The warriors are back and they are ecowarriors because they love the environment. As true warriors, they are courageous, acting in different parts of the world to defend the planet, forests and people by the action of the villains. Today the bad guys are corporations or pesticides, often also GMOs.

The warriors have been named like that by Vandana Shiva, the Indian environmentalist who is following the female dedication to the planet, involved for defending it, creating the women Chipko movement. Chipko in the Indian language means ‘hug’, an organization that drives the defense of forests, inspired by Gandhi’s teachings based on non-violence. The ecowarriors, in Central of Himalayas, gave birth to Hug The Tree Movement, an 'hugging tree' to defend with their body the trees of forests endangered of deforestation.

Chipko women teach us that true forest products are fertile soil, clean air and water, not timber and profit. It is the basic ecological functions for ecosystems maintenance of which Himalayas women were aware before science confirmations. Surfing the net, you will find their photos while embracing trees, recent and not recent, because their commitment began in the early decades of the 20th century. If you are wondering "does it really work?", the answer is yes and we’re giving to you an example: in 1980, Indian women got one of the most important victories: the ban on felling trees of the Himalayas forests for 15 years. Today, those same forests are still protected by the action of a decentralized movement, away from the government, born from the bottom and fed by the action of women of some of the poorest villages of India. Chipko movement saved more than 2,500 trees.

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