Human and nature meet in the Ryan McGinley's pictures

Feb 28, 2016 | written by:

Human and nature: two inseparable realities. That's what Ryan McGinley, an American young photographer, one of the most influential on the International scene, tries to show by his images.

His exhibition, titled 'The Four Seasons', shows 40 photos, setted up following the rhythm of the seasons. The artist has traveled around all the American continent, researching the best locations that, ideally, compose the sequence of the different periods of the year, investigating carefully the landscape where he sets the relationship between human and nature.

McGinley has literally immersed his young models into an irrational and primordial nature: majestic snowy landscape, stalactites, ice caves, blizzards, vast green fields, water sources, reedbeds, shrubs, storms, forests and deserts. So the main topics of his work are clear: youth, freedom, hedonism, life spirit and, especially, the relatioship between human and nature. In his images, you pick up the energy and charm of the setting where subjects are immersed, insert harmoniuosly into the nature, always thought in terms of colours and forms. The male and female models who inhabit the landscapes are innocent, nude creatures and they seem to live in a earthly paradise. All mixed in a perfect balance.


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