Iluut, when fashion is sustainable

Sep 21, 2016 | written by:

Why aren’t we able to know where clothes came from and all the steps of their production? The desire to enhance transparency of the producers, quality of raw materials and to share with consumers all the information regarding clothes production is the core belief of iluut, a sustainable fashion brand whose modern designs are made and produced in Europe.

Iluut was created in 2014 by Elina Cerell, committed that the garments are sustainably sourced and traceable down to its last material. The garments con be then sold at an affordable price to help promote these core values to the industry in hope that this will become a standard. Elina, twenty-nine of Helsinki, has always dreamed of being the creator of a positive change in the world of fashion. After business studies and working three years as a project manager in one of the leading advertising agencies in Finland, she decided to start chasing her dream. Elina made a YouTube video where she explained that she was looking for likeminded, warmhearted people. She found Stella Silvia Osella, from Milan, 30ys, who had previously worked for Zara, Topshop and Adidas. They started talking on Skype and discovering their same vision both for clothing and for other goods. But also Elina found VJ Taganahan, twenty-five designer in London, dreaming of a more sustainable fashion industry (nowadays is the more polluting.

At the spring of 2016, the trio registered the company iluut, where its name derives from the Finnish word ‘tuuli` which means ‘wind’. The word is turned upside down to symbolise iluut’s willingness to see a positive shift in the fashion industry. To find the fabrics of their collection the three girls travelled among Europe and they saw with their eyes every part of the chain, from farming, spinning, weaving, printing and transporting knowing the people involved and their high know-how.

Unfortunately, in Europe the local industry struggling to grow - but sometimes even to stay afloat - due to foreign competition which is based on the extremely low prices but with a awful quality. What a shame it would be to lose all this know-how. Moreover, iluut has been making a lot of research and noticed that there is a lack of contemporary design in the sustainable fashion market in Europe.

In August, iluut starts their crowdfunding campaign. This will produce the first 100 pieces of their collection, modern pieces for European women, because the style should not be compromised for sustainability. The pride is obvious because shirts are made with 63% linen grown in Normandy, their shirt-dress icon is a blend of Tencel cotton invented in Austria, and all garments are sewn and finished in Finland. As soon as iluut will be launched, the first project is to build a POP (Pencils Of Promise), a school in third world countries. Meanwhile, all remaining tissues after the cut of the garments are sent to Carpet for Life, an operative working with a community of women in the Moroccan desert trasforming waste into beautiful carpets. A sustainability that really involves the entire creative and production process.

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