Impossible Foods... beyond the meat!

Nov 02, 2015 | written by:

Plant-based burger (with no animal trace) maintains the appearance, taste and smell of the classic fast food's hamburger.

This is not a joke nor an unrealizable dream of vegetarians and vegans but it is a successful experiment of the innovative American start up 'Impossible Foods'. The company, founded by biochemistry professor Patrick Brown, for four years has employed forces and money to create plant origin foods and the motivations are more than understandable: the world population is constantly rising and factory farms provide a huge consumption of agricultural resources and cause pollution and waste disposal.

Plant-based foods, which mimic perfectly the taste of animal origin's food, are an alternative that will safeguard the environment and revolutionize global power. 'Impossible Foods', thanks to the significant investments of Viking Global Investors, Khosla Ventures, Horizon Ventures and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, has been able to start testing in the laboratory and to produce a hamburger with greens, whole grains and seeds without relinquishing to satisfy meet the taste buds of consumers.

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