In Italy, the more you use your bike, the more you top up your mobile phone

Oct 29, 2014 | written by:


Quite often in the Treeblog we write about recycling, but cycling is interesting as well!

ViviBici, the initiative presented by the mobile virtual Coop brand to Smart City Exhibition 2014 that was held in Bologna a few days ago, is making quite a stir.
What determines the success of a product or project? Today, in the era of corporate social responsibility, financial success is associated with  environmental, social and ethical successes, which increase the level of loyalty of its consumers in exchange for a real commitment
This interesting project aims to promote a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle by encouraging the movement, and rewarding those who consciously choose to reduce pollution in their city. By downloading the application ViviBici, free to Play Store and soon on the App Store, the kilometers traveled by bike (or walk) turn into "voice kilometers", then calling minutes or megabytes of free internet traffic. The initiative is dedicated to customer CoopVoce and those who want to become one, in collaboration with the World Urban Cyclists of Fiab Onlus, the Italian Federation of Friends of the bicycle. It’s clear as a project of environmental sustainability and that is attentive to the needs of the consumer leads not only to greater visibility, but also to an increase in reputation capital, linked to set of values ​and social behaviors that influence purchasing decisions of a customer to become more attentive and aware. It’s always a winning result.
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