India: electric cars by 2030

Apr 05, 2016 | written by:

In recent years, local and national governments around the world have pledged to put more electric cars on the roads of their countries with the aim of reducing air pollution and fight the growing threat of climate change.

Among these there is also India that, working at an incredibly ambitious plan, aims to have only electric or hybrid cars on the road by 2030. Piyush Goyal, India's Minister of State for power, coal and new renewable energy ensures this during a conference organized by the local Confindustria. The idea is to allow motorists to purchase electric cars with zero upfront costs and to then pay for their vehicles over time through the money saved on fossil fuel.

For more detailed information, however, it is still too early: the plan is currently being examined by the ministries, who will present in more detail the project to the Parliament of New Delhi in the coming days. If the plan is even partially executed, it is right to remember, there will be major implications for the future of energy pretty much everywhere. With various countries ranging from the UK to Sweden where zero emissions goal is at the order of the day, the fossil fuel industries hope not to lose too many customers and not to run in low demand for oil. Many people, however, want to choose alternatives that respect the environment and, with solar power attracting more and more investments in India, there is a good chance that a significant number of these cars will be running on sunshine.

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