Insecta Shoes, the vegan shoes

Oct 26, 2016 | written by:

The fashion of reuse consists in the creation of wardrobe items starting from clothes and items that are already there. Indeed, the first rule is: don't buy anything new but lengthening and giving new life to clothing that lie unused in the wardrobe, lightening, as well, the fashion ecological footprint on the Planet.

Insecta Shoes is a Brazilian shoes label transforming fabrics and prints from vintage clothing into exclusive footwear made entirely by hand, in limited numbers, using vegan-friendly materials. An innovative enterprise founded in January 2014 thanks to two enterprising women with childhood dreams, Pamela Magpali and Barbara Mattivy.

“I worked in fashion and digital marketing for years, and also ran an online vintage store - tells Barbara - Pamela is a shoe designer and she had her own shoe label. One day we met and we both loved each other products, so we talked about creating a collaboration between both brands. I had some really over sized vintage shorts and blazers that had amazing prints but I never had the time to adjust the sizes, so she suggested we could make shoes out of these clothes. I absolutely loved the idea, and that is how our first collaboration was born”.

How is the manufacturing process? “First, we design the shoe and create a real sample from it. We test it, tweak and adjust, and them approve it - says Barbara - Then we take care of sourcing and hand picking all the clothes from vintage suppliers or vintage store. It’s cool because sometimes we find really great prints in clothes that have a terrible fitting and probably no one else would wear them and we give a new use for that piece of clothing. We deconstruct the clothes by hand and back them with a thicker fabric”.

The brand is growing organically and pretty fast, and there are tons of ideas coming up in the next months, both for the footwear and for other products.

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