Intelligent Trees

Oct 14, 2016 | written by:

Even trees have feelings, just like humans: they are able to feel emotions like pain and fear, they are intelligent, they communicate with each other, they make friends, they look after each other like an old and well-matched couple and they like to stand close together and cuddle.

These are just a few of the wonderful observations that can be seen in the new documentary 'Intelligent Trees' made by the German researcher Peter Wohlleben, also known as the man who whispered to the trees, and Suzanne Simard, an expert in forest ecology at the University of British Columbia in Canada. At the base of this work there is a scientific field study carried out by Wohlleben, a forester who has devoted to the observation of the trees an important part of his life, revealing the intimate and partially unreleased trees' character to the public and to scientific community. Previous studies had already shown the suffering of the plants and of the all species of flora, but the research behind 'Intelligent Trees' demonstrates the emotional complexities that animates the life of plants.

According to the conclusions of Wohlleben indeed, trees can form bonds of friendship and love like an old couple, where one looks after the other. And while some biologists might kvetch about this anthropomorphizing, Wohlleben counters: “I use a very human language. Scientific language removes all the emotion, and people don’t understand it anymore. When I say 'Trees suckle their children' everyone knows immediately what I mean”. Science have been studying communication between trees for decades and now the researchers' findings were collected in a documentary that explores the various ways in which trees communicate, noting that they are so much more than rows of wood waiting to be turned into furniture, buildings or firewood. They are more than organisms producing oxygen or cleaning the air for us. They are individual beings that have feelings, know friendship, have a common language and look after each other. Next time you look at a tree, or even a cactus on the terrace, definitely you will look at it with different eyes.

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