Intermarche and ugly ducklings of 'fruit and vegetable: its funny campaign against food waste

May 05, 2015 | written by:

With the Expo 2015 the problem of food waste is more than ever in the spotlight and here the emergence of truly original initiatives to curb this phenomenon. The protagonists of today are the "ugly ducklings" of 'fruit and vegetables: eggplant, potatoes, lemons, oranges, apples and so on and so forth.

The French supermarket chain Intermarché has launched a campaign to raise awareness among consumers to buy fruit and vegetables a bit '"ugly" (Moche), excluded from the sale because dissimilar and unusual. Not just what the consumer is usually looking when examining the products of the fruit and vegetable department. It's called Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables and has as testimonial (starring) “a grotesqueapple", “the ridiculous potato" and "the uggly carrot", relying on their funny side.

Intermarche - 'Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables' from Goodvertising on Vimeo.


Fruits and vegetables, juices and soups, have been sold to 30% less, accompanied by a tasting time to explain to the consumer as the appearance of the fruit or vegetable does not undermine its quality. And then "The hideous orange makes a beautiful juice”. Besides being an 'excellent initiative to reduce food waste, is an extraordinary example of advertising, expressed in posters, in TV spots and through the main social media. In the poster, the main character reference is accompanied by slogans from the humorous tone, as "The disfigured eggplant so cheap it could be even more disfigured.” In the ad, a voiceover gives it a real motivational speech about the fact that must they be proud because what matters is inner beauty. Humor that leads to a correct reflection on the purchasing decisions of each day. Even so, we are confident that the uniformity is the best offer to the consumer?


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