Israel's New Tree Offers Phone Power Outlets and Wifi

Oct 31, 2014 | written by:


You’ve heard of mangroves, oaks and cedar trees, but have you hear of solar powered trees? The eTree, a recent installment in Israel, is not your typical tree. It is made up of a metal trunk that branches out and holds solar panels, not leaves.


Technically speaking, all trees are powered by the sun but not many can convert that power to charge devices, cool drinking water, offer Wi-Fi signals and nighttime lighting. Sologic, an Israeli company, are installing these trees to raise environmental awareness and provide green energy. A seven-panel model is able to generate up to 1.4 kilowatts. That’s enough to power approximately 35 laptops!


Although a tree like the one installed in Israel costs about 100,000 dollars, Sologic is planning on selling their products to countries like China and France. In addition, they have future plans to install cameras with touch screen displays. This will allow a person standing beneath an eTree to say hello to another person standing beneath another anywhere in the world.


The trees may have a bit of a price tag, but one thing is for sure: these tree models will make a pleasing installment in town centers and parks.

Here is an overview of the tree model and its features:




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