January 2017, the third warmest January of the last 137 years

Mar 09, 2017 | written by:

2017 has recently celebrated its first 60 days of age and I sincerely imagine it in perpetual trouble and rush trying to overcome its brothers, especially 2016 – the hottest year ever –  because…it really doesn’t like this third step of the podium gave to it by NASA.

The data, released by the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) of NASA and collected from 6,300 weather stations around the world, show that those with 0.92 degrees above average, the one just ended was the third warmest January of the last 137 years, exactly from 1880, when temperatures started to be recorded systematically. In first place there is 2016, holding the record with its 1.12 degrees higher than the average, while in second place there is January 2007 with +0.96 degrees.

The weather stations’ observations reveal that in Italy, Europe and North Africa, there were no special temperature fluctuations during the review period. But North America, Siberia, parts of Australia and the Arctic are the areas where global warming is scratching more. The biggest concerns are for the North Pole, where rising temperatures had catastrophic effects on the ice and on local ecosystems. The forecast is that with no serious measures within summer 2030, the ice will be completely dissolved and there will be terrible consequences also for the rest of the world, including floods, atmospheric CO2 peaks and climatic upheavals.

In short, despite all the effort that this 2017 is proving to exceed 2016, we would be more pleasing with a year less addicted to the thermometer climb. We could set up different podiums to climb like the one dedicated to the triplet of years that has shown the greatest drop in temperature. And certainly, human and planet would be much more happier.

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