Jellyfish Barge: a modular floating greenhouse for intensive cultivation

Sep 15, 2015 | written by:

In the last few months Milan grew up beautiful, proud and appealing. I’m sitting at my desk, in an office which is located at the very centre of the only real Italian metropolis. Milan has nothing less than other international ‘sisters’, but, I don’t know the reason why, we tend to be humbler than what we are really supposed to be.

Milan is beautiful (an #Milanobella is one of my favourite hashtag – in Italian ‘beautiful’ is ‘bella’) and it became more appealing in these last crazy six months showing and promoting virtuous and interesting projects. One of this is called Jellyfish Barge and it can be seen in Darsena until October 31st.



Jellyfish Barge is a modular floating greenhouse for intensive cultivation, able to purify sea water using solar energy.

Yesterday we wrote about the soil scarsity vs a huge number of people living on the Planet: in this context we are happy to know that Jellyfish Barge combines hydroponic cultivations and solar desalination to produce crops without bearing on existing resources.

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