Julia who saved redwoods with her love

Jan 12, 2016 | written by:

Once upon a time, in a forest on the other side of the world, there was a young girl who loved nature so much that she decided to live on a tree. So one day she climbed atop a redwood and she spent there two and a half years of her life facing violent storms, wind, cold, frost and also loneliness and hunger.

It seems the beginning of a beautiful fairy tale, one of those we were told as children for making us falling asleep, but the story is real. Julia Hill, a 23 year-old Californian girl, on 10 December 1997 went up on Luna, a thousand-year old redwood about 55 meters located in the ancient Headwaters forest in California, to protest against the destruction of the Earth's old green lungs by the Pacific Lumber Company, a powerful corporation in the field of timber's harvesting.

The young woman, hardened and determined, spent 738 days on a small rickety platform 60 meters above the ground and touched the mainland only after reaching an agreement with the Pacific Lumber Company for the conservation of Luna and other surrounding trees. This incredible adventure has become a book ('The legacy of Luna') that tells the story of a deep love towards themselves and Mother Nature.

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