"Keep the Oil on the Ground," Ecuadorians Urge Local Governments and the Rest of the World

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The climate change march that thousands of people participated in, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Sting, did not stand alone. Coinciding with the march that happened this fall, Amazon Watch has launched an important publicity campaign labeled, “Keep the Oil on the Ground,” which insists that the oil should indefinitely remain underground in the Amazon rainforest, home to one of the most important ecosystems in the world.

Not only will keeping the oil on the ground impact the well being and survival of the numerous creatures that live in the rainforest, but also the cultural integrity of approximately 400 distinct indigenous groups who have the Amazon rainforest as their ancestral home.

In Amazon Watch’s promotional video, the dangers of oil production is explained and it features an indigenous Sarayuku woman from Ecuador named Nina Gualinga. The video also refers to the Amazon as “The Lungs of the Earth,” and reminds the public that this development is being supported by local government, not local communities. The video also points out that they are destroying forests simply for short-term economic gain, also mentioning that because of these actions, drastic climate changes have already impacted Ecuador.

The Amazon Watch also features a petition as part of the campaign, in order to raise awareness about what the damages of this development are. Making changes and taking action would also vitallly impact global carbon emissions

To learn more about the campaign, check out their promotional video:

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