Kuli Kuli Bars, moringa superstar

Nov 06, 2015 | written by:

Even nature has its heroes who have the same powers as those of humans: they are invincible, they fight the villains and they bring back happiness.

Our hero is the Moringa Oleifera with a remarkable identikit: it’s very resistant to drought, grows in West Africa, contains high levels of protein, calcium, iron and vitamins, is the basis of Kuli Kuli Bars - natural and nourishing snacks (vegan and gluten free) that battle malnutrition and are made from the homonymous start-up, pioneer in the import of moringa in the United States.

Ah yes, the superfood has already seduced the web. Everything started when Lisa Curtis, then awarded StartingBloc Fellow and Wild Gift Better World Entrepreneur, discovered and used this plant as a treatment in a health center of the Peace Corps in a village in Niger, where she found herself experiencing early signs of malnutrition. Upon returning to the U.S., Lisa began to study how to take the most advantage of moringa’s leaves and shortly after the first bar prototypes were ready.

Nowadays, the work cycle starts in Ghana, where 60 thousand moringa trees have been planted. The latter is collected and processed by cooperatives employing 500 women in West Africa. The company is focused on countries with dry climates, perfect for plant growing and they are the ones with the highest levels of malnutrition. In this way, they can have a higher positive impact on conditions of local populations. Our superhero has also the record of being the first food product entirely supported by crowdfunding: in June 2013, on the platform Indiegogo, it collected 50 thousand dollars, and last April, Kuli Kuli has launched a second campaign of equity crowdfunding, (collection aimed at professional investors) which has been joined by important people and has allowed to start up to expand its commercial presence in the United States.

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