Leading the Pack: 1 in 5 Australian Homes Use Solar Power

Dec 17, 2014 | written by:

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 19 percent of Australian households now use solar energy for electricity or hot water. Not only is that a really good figure, it means a 5 percent increase for the nation since 2011, when the bureau first started publishing statistics on their solar power.

Of these 19 percent of households in the statistics, 14 percent of households have rooftop solar panels. The remainder have solar thermal water heaters. The fact is that big changes are happening in Australia, and we hope this leads to a global impact.

South Australia alone scored the highest, with 24 percent of households there adopting solar electricity.

Remember the story of how 400 Australians buried their heads in the sand to protest prime minister Tony Abbott’s stance on climate change? Well, that makes us think how Abbott will partake in this movement. Well, Australian Christian group Common Grace launched a crowdfunding project to install solar panels on the Kirribilli House; the official New South Wales residence of Australian Prime Ministers.

In just a few days, the campaign raised enough money to install 12 solar panels. The  Solar Council is also willing to install the panels professionally for free!

However, if Abbott is to reject the gift, they will offer the panels to to the Davidson Brigade of the Rural Fire Service, where Abbott reportedly served for many years.

Let’s hope other nations will see the example Australia is leaving with all of these drastic progressive changes they are making!

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