Lifepack, the backpack that uses solar energy

Mar 31, 2016 | written by:

Equipped with a solar-powered USB charger, bluetooth speakers, an integrated lock, a drop-resistant laptop pocket and plenty of indoor and exterior storage, the Lifepack is the high-tech anti-theft backpack poised to revolutionize the lives of mobile office workers everywhere.

Designed by Adrian Solgaard as a solution to help all those who haven't fixed office to juggle work and personal life, each Lifepack is divided into two sections: a 'Lifezone' for organizing your clothes, socks and toiletries in the front and a 'Workzone' for your laptop, smartphone, headphones and paperwork in the back. Four concealed pockets allow you to discreetly keep important items like credit cards or passports.

The most attractive features? The backpack is made of weather-resistant material to protect electronics from unexpected downpours, is equipped with an integrated lock made of stainless steel and protected by a customizable combination to keep would-be thieves away and it works with solar energy. Comprising two USB ports and a high-capacity battery it effectively allows you to charge all devices (you can do 12 full charges for an iPhone 6) and powers the bluetooth speaker.

With more than a month after the launch of his campaign on Kickstarter the Lifepack has already achieved $ 20,000 (nine times higher than expected) and identified its niche.


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